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Seasonal Allergy Advice: Stay Healthy in Fremont and Sandusky County


Here at Memorial Health Care System, we see plenty of cases of allergies, especially in the spring. Although some people may confuse seasonal allergies with cold symptoms, there are ways to tell the difference. Cold symptoms usually last 7 to 10 days with a gradual onset. Allergy symptoms last weeks or even months, and they can come on suddenly. Unfortunately, there is not a cure for allergies, but there are some things you can do to make them seem less severe.

  1. Know the pollen count - pollen is a common trigger for allergies. You can get your daily pollen count from your local weather reports or online.
  2. Check the weather - Hot dry, windy days are more likely to have increased amounts of pollen in the air than cool damp rainy days when most pollen has been washed to the ground.
  3. Don't bring the outside inside- Remove clothes you've worn outside when coming inside. Don't allow your pets who have been outside on your beds or couches. Don't hang laundry outside and keep windows and doors shut at home.
  4. There are medications available to help relieve symptoms- antihistamines and decongestants will help make symptoms less annoying. If allergies become too severe, see your doctor and they may suggest other options.
I hope that these tips will help keep you feeling well this spring. Good luck and stay healthy!

Marianna's motherhood advice About the Author:
After graduating from Fremont Ross High School, Marianna Snavely received a nursing degree from The Ohio State University. She did this in order to fulfill two personal goals: helping people and making a difference in the ever changing and challenging world of health care. Marianna’s first job out of college was at Memorial Hospital, where she learned the ins and outs of being a new graduate working the night shift as a nurse. Since then, she has earned her MBA from Tiffin University and returned to Memorial as the Director of Health Care Education. Marianna is truly excited and grateful to be part of the MHCS team, even as she cheers on her beloved Buckeyes and chases her two young boys.

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