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Stay Well & Busy with Fremont Memorial's Physical Medicine


Downtime in the Physical Medicine Department is almost unheard of, at any time of the year. If it isn’t the abundant amount of patients we’re seeing, it’s the wellness memberships and activities, continuing education courses, speed and agility clinics, and health and fitness screenings we’re hosting. We don’t mind, however, because we are always looking for ways to better ourselves as a clinic, as well ways to improve our community’s wellness.

Stay fit with Fremont Memorial HospitalOne way that we strive to better ourselves is by attending continuing education courses. Many different groups around the country offer these courses on many different topics. Recently, three of our physical therapists -Shannon Reardon, Dawn Halstead, and Jeremy Smith and I attended a course on Total Body Strengthening. The course was very interesting and gave us many different ideas on new exercises to do with the active individual. We also learned how to adjust the exercises for progression from easy to hard. We plan to use this extended knowledge to help our patients, wellness participants, and athletes achieve their fitness goals.

It has been proven that after the age of 40, with a sedentary lifestyle, there is up to an 8% muscle mass loss every ten years. This means by the time you are 60, if you do not exercise regularly, you can lose up to 16% of your muscle mass. That is a great deal when you think of the other degenerative effects that are also taking place on your body. By doing a simple exercise routine that takes less than an hour to do three times a week, you can greatly decrease this number. Along with decreasing the muscle that you are losing, you will also increase your heart health, lower your cholesterol, lower your chance for diabetes, lose weight, and obtain the many other positive effects that you gain with exercise.

Being physically fit is a way of life and it all starts with taking that first step to decide that you want to live a long and healthy life. At Fremont Memorial Hospital, we offer an abundance of wellness and rehabilitative programs that will help you stay fit. Check us out when you have a chance.

Allyson Hoops About the Author:
Allyson Hoops is a Certified Athletic Trainer who works at Memorial Hospital Physical Medicine. Allyson joined Memorial Hospital Physical Medicine in 2009 as an athletic trainer. She spends much of her time covering Lakota and Old Fort sporting events. Allyson also heads a portion of Memorial’s Wellness Program and is a certified SPORTSMETRICS trainer. A graduate of the University of Findlay, Allyson has a bachelor’s degree in strength and conditioning and a master’s degree in athletic training. One of Allyson’s primary personal and professional goals is to help female high school athletes avoid the ACL injury epidemic.

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