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Patient Satisfaction Continues to Improve at Memorial Hospital


Memorial Hospital measures patient satisfaction through HCHAPS surveys, as well as with Press Ganey surveys. Our scores have been improving steadily over the past six to eight months. The data I’m referring to in this blog is one to two months old because there is generally a four to six week lag from the time the data is received and when we have access to it.

Although the results of these surveys are not linked to reimbursement, the data collected from them is an important indicator when attempting the gauge the patient experience.

Memorial Hospital Patient SatisfactionPress Ganey scores are reported in two ways. First is percentile rank. This number indicates how many hospitals scored better and worse than Memorial Hospital in a given area. For instance, in February, Memorial Hospital’s overall inpatient percentile rank was 91. This means that the hospital scored better than 91 percent of the hospitals in the Ohio database (108 hospitals).

Secondly, the mean score is identified. The mean score is the average score achieved for a given area. For example, in February, the mean score for inpatient units was 90.9. Having a mean score of 90.9 is what ranked us 91st among Ohio hospitals. Generally, Memorial Hospital’s means score is what is used when finding ways to improve the patient experience.

The percentile rank gives us a very general overview of how we compare to other hospitals, but the mean score and how it changes from month to month will help us target those specific areas that have improved or need improvement.

HCAHPS and Press Ganey Success

  • Nutrition services achieved the 88th percentile in the State of Ohio for the month of February with a mean score of 89.1.
  • Radiology received its highest monthly percentile rank of 91 in the State of Ohio with a mean score of 94.7.
  • Mammography achieved the 88th percentile in the State of Ohio with a mean score of 94.4.
  • In the Emergency Department, physicians were in the 93rdpercentile in the area of informing patients about their treatment with a mean score of 88.9. Staff caring about patients
  • In ambulatory surgery, friendliness of physicians was at the 81st percentile with a mean score of 96.9.
  • ICU received scores of 100 on the HCAHPS survey in areas of nurse communication, pain management and communication about medicines. This means that every survey returned in February gave the ICU the highest score for those areas.
  • OB/Labor achieved 100 percent of patients giving the highest score for responsiveness of hospital staff and discharge information on the HCAHPS surveys returned in February.
  • In January, more than 36 associates and physicians were mentioned by name on patient surveys.
  • Physical Medicine achieved an average score of 96 out of 100 for overall patient satisfaction for Fremont, Clyde and Gibsonburg.

leslie meyer webAbout the Author:
Leslie Meyer's professional background includes 16 years of mental health and employee assistance counseling. Her experience in understanding human behavior and group dynamics has led her to focus on improving the patient experience at Memorial Hospital. She leads Memorial Hospital's service excellence initiatives and assists the hospital in focusing on improving to service provided to our patients.

Leslie has two teenage children and has been married for over 20 years. She enjoys traveling, spending time at Lakeside and competing in running and triathlon events.

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