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Sustain the Gain! Service Excellence at Memorial Hospital


I am excited to let you know that starting May 1st we have increased the number of surveys sent to patients. The goal is to receive enough surveys back each month that our data will not fluctuate so dramatically with one or two unfavorable returned surveys.

Our scores for the FY 2nd Quarter January 1, 2012 – March 31, 2012 improved in the following areas:

  • Memorial Hospital patient survey improvementsInpatient increased from the 60th percentile to the 75th percentile. This is a tremendous accomplishment and they have reached their goal to achieve the 75th percentile ranking.
  • Emergency Department increased from the 50th percentile to the 72nd.  This is tied for the second highest ranking since 2010.
  • Ambulatory Services increased from the 12th percentile ranking to the 61st. They are working on several new ideas to enhance service to our patients. Look for these innovations in the next few months.

HCAHPS scores for the last quarter are our best overall scores achieved. Our current scores would qualify to receive either partial or full reimbursement in all 8 domains of patient perception of care, as established by Centers for Medicare for Value Based Purchasing.

On our Press Ganey surveys in the month of March, we received comments specifically mentioning 42 physicians and associates. In addition, Physical Medicine surveys had 16 comments about specific associates.

Some comments about our service have included:

Emergency Department:

"I was very pleased with the staff and their concern for my comfort, health and recovery. Thank you!"

Home Health: 

“I couldn’t ask for any better”.

Outpatient Services:

 “I feel at home whenever I come for tests. I feel at ease knowing Fremont Memorial is there for my family."

"Great! Everything was quick and easy. I was very satisfied and proud of our hospital."

Inpatient Units:

“Everyone was very prompt and excellent when called."

"Staff in ICU went above and beyond for me. Make special accommodations for my family."

"I was very happy with the care that I received during my stay. Fremont Memorial has truly come a long way. Great job to all!"

Physical Medicine:

“It was a very good and helpful experience which helped my recovery. I would recommend the physical therapy department to my friends.”

Not only have scores improved but the comments really tell a story as well. Thank you to all of our associates and physicians who work so diligently to improve the patient experience at Memorial Hospital and for providing compassionate care.

Areas of focus for the next Quarter include Registration in both the Emergency Department and Outpatient area as well as Surgery.

leslie meyer webAbout the Author:
Leslie Meyer's professional background includes 16 years of mental health and employee assistance counseling. Her experience in understanding human behavior and group dynamics has led her to focus on improving the patient experience at Memorial Hospital. She leads Memorial Hospital's service excellence initiatives and assists the hospital in focusing on improving to service provided to our patients.

Leslie has two teenage children and has been married for over 20 years. She enjoys traveling, spending time at Lakeside and competing in running and triathlon events.

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