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Spark Award Nominations

sparklogo2A Spark Award is a monthly award presented to MHCS associates who demonstrate innovative care and 5-star service. These awards help ensure that our staff is awarded for consistently performing beyond the expectations of our patients and guests.

Each month, associates are chosen from submitted nominations to receive a Spark Award under the five pillars of excellence:

Finance, Growth, Quality, People and Service

Nominate an MHCS Associate by filling out this online form. Please include, in detail, why you feel this person deserves to be recognized.

What is the “It only takes a Spark” program?

describe the imageMemorial Health Care System is focused on becoming your #1 choice for health care. In order to do this, our associates must exceed the expectations of those we serve and continue to demonstrate, at every level, our commitment to this goal. Part of the It Only Takes a Spark program is this Spark Award.

Who is eligible?

All MHCS associates and volunteers who demonstrate Innovative Care and 5-Star Service are eligible for the award.

Who awards nominees & how are they recognized?

The Rewards and Recognition Program is managed by a committee of MHCS associates from a wide variety of disciplines in our health care system. This committee meets and chooses award winners from the nominations they receive each month.

Award winners are recognized through mass communication such as press releases, online communication and MHCS’ quarterly publication, InTouch.